Secret Place - John Arends

Secret Place is a soaking worship CD featuring peaceful, prophetic instrumentation and singing. Jesus taught His disciples to pray “on earth as it is in heaven.” Desiring to be always led by the Spirit, John continually prays that he will be able to hear the worship happening around God’s throne and then release that sound through his music. The Lord has gifted John with an ability to play and sing songs that neither he nor anyone else has heard before. It is often during these times that people seem to have the most powerful encounters with Jesus. Over the years, the number one request John has been given is to record some of this music for people to take home for their own worship times. "This album is dedicated to all of the people who remind me that the simplicity of seeking the Presence of God is all that really matters. I treasure seeing you worship, crying out to God in total desperation for more of His presence—or waiting silently, surrounded by your personal mountains of tissues. Many of you have asked me to 'sit down and record that thing you do on your guitar.' So here is what you’ve asked for: a simple, non-studio recording of spontaneous guitar playing and soaking worship." —John Notes: All sounds on this CD were created using only guitar (excluding the bonus track.) John would like to thank the students of Fire School for worshiping and praying as he recorded this album.

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