About Us

U.S. Dental Corporation

Through integrity, excellence and generosity we endeavor to serve the needs of our customers, vendors and employees, US Dental Corporation, the parent company of Royal Beauty Treatments, began humbly as a small “cottage industry” in the living room of Frank and Claire Marie Brisendine in 1983, with the first denture repair kits being assembled while watching TV. The company was incorporated in 1989 and has grown consistently ever since.

We have emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of quality denture products in the United States. Our denture whitener, repair kits and reline kits are already #1 sellers through popular magazines like Dr. Leonard's, Carol Wright's, Healthy Living, Miles Kimball & more, with new Clients joining our team on a regular basis! Until recently, Denture products have been the heart of our business, but they are not the ONLY products on our heart...so in August of 2011 we launched a new division of US Dental Corporation to reflect additional creativity and diversity in the products we offer.

The launch of RoyalBeautyTreatments.com has literally changed the face of our Company, expanding our product line to include a variety of new, healthy, natural products. Claire Marie Brisendine, the C.E.O. of Royal Beauty Treatments, has personally traveled to the Holy Land in search of it's “Hidden Treasures” and discovered an amazing line of natural cosmetics created from the elements of the Dead Sea, produced in Ashdod Israel, the 6th oldest city in the world! Ein Gedi Dead Sea Cosmetics represents the very substance of Israeli culture...the “Hidden Treasures” of the Holy Land. In addition, through a spark of Divine inspiration, Claire Marie has created an amazing topical pain relieving salve called Heaven's Healing Balm! With 8 all natural essential oils, soothing Shea Butter and invigorating menthol, Heaven's Healing Balm melts away a variety of aching, tired muscle pain! It is truly a “touch of Heaven!” US Dental Corporation is located in the quaint little town of Lakeside, in the stunning Flathead Valley of Western Montana.

Our growing success has created a variety of employment opportunities and continues to do so as we expand our facilities and increase production. (As Isaiah 54 states, we are “enlarging the place of our tent”) In addition to new inter-company employees, we have also created jobs for local architects, contractors, tradesmen, laborers and advertising professionals among others, as we move forward with our expansion. Even as other companies are struggling to survive or many have already closed their doors, US Dental Corporation continues to grow and we endeavor to generously share our success with communities, both here and abroad! We boldly attribute this success to the favor and blessing of our Heavenly Father.