Love Always Wins - John Arends

LOVE ALWAYS WINS is a fiery album filled fresh, original songs of worship, coloring outside the lines to create new sounds and to take worshipers places they have never been before. Having a solid tie to the scriptures, each of these songs express desperation for more of Jesus. It is John's prayer that God will use the songs to shake and awaken this generation. Stylistically, this album is fully alive, filled with driving rhythms and roaring guitars. It is energetic, hard-hitting, and even aggressive in nature. Joining John on this album are three other recording artists: well-known worship leader Steve Swanson (on keys/piano/organs/synth), Paul Hutsell from Richest of Fare (on drums), and worship leader Naomi Taylor (on vocals). Loving Muslims On Purpose The most unique aspect of this album is that a portion of each album sale goes directly toward supporting LMOP—Loving Muslims On Purpose. This unique ministry is led by Leif Hetland and Global Mission Awareness. John has partnered with Leif to produce this album to help support the powerful work of LMOP and to deliberately and openly love Muslim people. We are living in a world that is dark, confused, and full of hatred. But there is an answer for evil. Jesus said that we “overcome evil with good.” And that is exactly what we intend to do. For many years, Leif has been going to Muslim nations around the world and has befriended many of the top Muslim leaders. They call him the “Ambassador of Love.” John has also had the opportunity to befriend many Muslims, watching dividing walls melt with the power of God's love. If you would like to know more about LMOP and Leif Hetland, go to

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