Little Strummer Boy - John Arends

Featuring a variety of sounds and songs, Little Strummer Boy is meant to prepare our hearts for worship this Christmas. As the subtitle suggests, this CD is about the fact that "heaven is opened" and that God's ultimate intention in sending His Son is that He would be with us and bring peace on earth to men, on whom His favor rests (Luke 2:14). Refocusing out attention on worship and the prophetic nature of the season, this CD is not the standard commercial project. The album features a collection of original music by John and some of the best-loved carols of Christmas. Creative arrangements of acoustic guitar, Native American flute, violin, bells, and hand drums flow together in a worshipful celebration of the birth of Jesus. The songs on the album range from full instrumentation to simple vocal harmonies, and from carefully composed carols to raw, spontaneous worship.

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