Sparkle-Dent Denture Cleaner and Ein Gedi Age Defying Moisturizer Creme Special!

We are excited to combine our best selling Sparkle Dent Denture Cleaner with one of our Royal Beauty Products, Ein Gedi Age Defying Moisturizer Creme! Both products are excellant quality and value! Descriptions below.

Sparkle Dent Denture Cleaner

SPARKLE-DENT entered the market place in 1991, after U.S. Dental Corporation realized that there wasn't a denture cleaner on the market that was capable of removing tartar, plaque, calculus or even coffee or tea stains. SPARKLE-DENT was developed into a highly concentrated formula that would remove all of these stains without harming the soft reline material.


remove tartar, calculus, plaque, coffee and tea stains from dentures

remove tough stains without the use of harmful bleach

be economical to use due to its high concentration

Sparkle-Dent is Economical!
One bottle cleans for a full 5 months.Sparkle-Dent is easy to use! Soak appliances for 15 minutes.

Use the solution for a full week of cleaning! Soaking time may be increased for excessively stained appliances.

Soaking time may be increased for excessively stained appliances.

Ein Gedi Age Defying Moisturizer Creme.

This rich day care face moisturizer, enriched with natural Dead Sea Minerals, helps reduce the first signs of aging, like dullness and the formation of wrinkles. It is beneficial in preventing and diminishing skin imperfections and helps protect your skin against damaging environmental conditions.

"We receive letters from people all across the U.S.A. who are thrilled with the results of SPARKLE-DENT!"