Den-Sure Repair Kit 4 Pack WITHOUT TEETH

The original, patented, denture repair kit.

U.S. Dental Corp. has found that people often seem to break their denture at the most inopportune times, like while traveling abroad, on vacation or while on a business trip. More often than not they are unable to get to their dentists' office either because it has occurred over a weekend or while they are away from home. DEN-SURE was designed with these denture wearing people in mind! This unique repair kit not only allows the consumer to repair his own dentures in an emergency but it also produces a strong, smooth bond in the repair, leaving the denture as strong as it was originally, and with no impediment to the tongue or to their speech. DEN-SURE can save the consumer over $500.00 in denture repairs.


 Step by step instructions.

  • Eye dropper
  • File and tooth extractor sanding abrasive

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