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The same week as elections in Iran, I was in meetings with leaders in Israel; these included the president and former head of Mossad-Israeli intelligence.

After having been informed by some of the brightest minds in the nation that Iran possessed 200 kilograms (418 pounds) of enriched uranium, I was also told that once Iran has 250 kilos (551 pounds), it will have enough of the product to produce nuclear warheads.

Iran's proxies encircle Israel like a ring of fire. To the south, Iranian funds, intel, and Revolutionary Guards assist Hamas in Gaza and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Syria and Lebanon in the north have been flooded by Revolutionary Guards. In the West, Russian spy vessels that provide aid to Iran transmit intelligence information. Meanwhile on the eastern front, Iran prepares for its attack on the "Little Satan," Israel.

The Minister of Defense, Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya'alon (who endorsed my past book Showdown with Nuclear Iran, calling it, "The most detailed account of the Iranian regime's determination, policy, and plan to acquire military nuclear capabilities," described future events to me:

The mad mullahs of Iran plan on imposing a worldwide caliphate. They call it the "nation of Islam." There is no doubt that Iran sees the finish line in acquiring military nuclear capability. In only a couple of months, it will reach what is needed. The plan of the Iranian leaders is to dominate the Persian Gulf, and then the world. They may deliver dirty bombs to their proxy terror organizations, i.e., Hezbollah and Hamas. Those organizations could detonate such a bomb in any city using a ship, airplane, or truck. It could be Tel Aviv or New York City. It would have devastating collateral damage.

The world will experience a wake-up call from hell if this is allowed to happen. It will be paramount to a nuclear 9/11. The Countdown has begun.

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