Protocols by Mike Evans Hardcover with FREE SHIPPING

This is the paerback version of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Exposed by Mike Evans. It's A Lie That Would Not Die: believed to be true by Adolf Hitler, Henry Ford, and the late Osama bin Laden. It was introduced by the Russian secret police in an attempt to bolster the reign of Tsar Nicholas II. It erroneously exposed his enemies as co-conspirators with the Jews in a plot to take over the world. This fabricated document was embraced by a religious fanatic, Sergei Nilus, and published in 1905 in Russia. He published three separate versions of the book, and the last in 1917 indicated that Theodor Herzl was the writer of the mythical conspiracy theory. The book birthed the pogroms in Russia, and was used by Hitler as an excuse to exterminate six million Jews in Europe. Many Muslim leaders worldwide keep it within reach as the most revered book, after the Quran. Every terrorist organization uses this plagiarized copy to support the vile acts it commits. Fiction With Truth That's Too Close To Home. Esther Rosenberg always knew there were people who hated her. She just didn't know how deeply that hatred ran. Now she is about to find out. Fueled by long-standing prejudice and guided by anti-Semitic propaganda from the past, the ancient Order of Malta has unleashed a plot to finish what Lenin and Hitler started and do what Islamic extremists only dream of doing to exterminate the Jews and their American sympathizers. Using four suitcase bombs obtained from a Russian Mafia arms dealer, the Order and its far-flung secret society is well on its way to success when a cryptic posting on a website tips their hand. Only Esther stands in the way. With the help of Paul Maddox, a former Congressman, she follows an obscure trail of clues that takes them across America and around the world in a desperate effort to unravel the plot and locate the bombs before it's too late. Can they do it? Or will the prophecy of the Protocols come true.

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