The Four Horseman by Mike Evans Paperback with FREE SHIPPING

JAlmost a year has passed since terrorists from Iran set off a high-altitude nuclear explosion that destroyed the U.S. power grid, sending the eastern half of the country into darkness and chaos.

Since then, America has rediscovered its strength in agriculture and President Hedges has vowed to make it the centerpiece of the nation's economy. But across the globe, forces are gathering that threaten to undo America's fragile recovery. German chancellor Josef Mueller, under the sway of a pagan priest, is embroiled in a plot to control Middle Eastern oil reserves. With it, he hopes to dominate the world. And in Iran, a power shift has placed yet one more Islamic cleric in charge of the government, only this one has nuclear weapons at his disposal. 

When China and Russia realize Germany's ultimate goal, they mobilize their armies for a bid to occupy the Middle East, while Iran readies a strike that will once again turn the world order upside down. 

David Hoag, a CIA analyst, sees trouble brewing but can he convince the President to avoid the conflict, or will this be the final war everyone has feared?

This is the third book in a trilogy written by Mike Evans.

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