Ortho-Clean, a powerful cleaner for retainers and night guards For the extreme clean you had in mind!

Ortho-Clean is easy to use!

  • Simply dissolve one capful of Ortho-Clean in a cup of warm water.
  • Soak appliances for 15 minutes.

Use the solution for a full week of cleaning!
Soaking time can be increased for excessively stained appliances

Ortho-Clean is Economical!
One bottle cleans for a full 4 months

Concentrated Appliance Cleaner

Shortly after Sparkle-Dent was introduced, U. S. Dental realized that there was a need for a similar product for cleaning removable appliances such as retainers, night guards and occlusal splints. U.S. Dental was amazed to find that there were NO cleaners available specifically for this purpose. This was virtually an untapped market! ORTHO-CLEAN was formulated to sanitize removable appliances such as retainers, while also cleaning the athlete's sports mouth guard! It also cleans snore guards, occlusal splints and TMJ appliances. Currently, ORTHO-CLEAN is being marketed through Orthodontists offices. However, we are sure that there are a variety of other markets out there where it can be successfully distributed.

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