4- Pack 8 oz. Bright Gard - Mouth Guard Cleaner

Bright GardBright Gard, made with teenagers and senior citizens in mind. For the extreme clean you had in mind!

Bright Gard is easy to use!

  • Simply dissolve one capful of Bright Gard in a cup of warm water.
  • Soak appliances for 15 minutes.

Use the solution for a full week of cleaning!
Soaking time can be increased for excessively stained appliances

Bright Gard is Economical!
One bottle cleans for a full 4 months

Concentrated Appliance Cleaner

Shortly after Sparkle-Dent was introduced, U. S. Dental realized that there was a need for a similar product for young people and seniors who wear removable mouthguards and snore guards. Bright Gard is being marketed through Orthodontists offices. However, we are sure that there are a variety of other markets out there where it can be successfully distributed.

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