Christmas Gift Bundle 4 with FREE SHIPPING!

We have bundled three of our best products to help you bless someone this Christmas Season. Heaven's Healing Balm, John Arends new Christmas CD and Pastor Margie Arend's new book. Featuring a variety of sounds and songs, John Arend's Little Strummer Boy is meant to prepare our hearts for worship this Christmas. As the subtitle suggests, this CD is about the fact that "heaven is opened" and that God's ultimate intention in sending His Son is that He would be with us and bring peace on earth to men, on whom His favor rests (Luke 2:14). 

Also included is Pastor Margie's Arends new book, A Becoming Woman: The Search for True Beauty. 

There is a unique beauty inside of every woman. In this book, Margie Arends will help you to discover your own unique beauty. She will take you on an exciting journey through the Scriptures so you can learn how to get off the merry-go-round of focusing on your image, what causes a woman to be most attractive to others, how to identify the traps that keep you stuck in the past, and how to enjoy the freedom that comes from the One who calls you beautiful.

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