8 oz. Weight Control Formula

Your ideal weight is ATTAINABLE! We are very pleased and excited to provide an effective and safe herbal formula to support weight control! Reach your ideal weight with fast acting herbal extracts to curb your appetite and support your thyroid! Order Weight Control Today! Comes with a "Attainable New You Doable Plan"

Contains a proprietary blend of extracts made from the following herbs: Chá-de-bugre herb, Evodia fruit, Organically Grown Garcinia fruit, Organically Grown Fresh Ginger root, Pomegranate leaf, Responsibly Wildcrafted Guggul Gum resin, Organically Grown Horsetail herb and Organically Grown Cornsilk herb extracted into vegetable glycerine, distilled water and approximately 5% organic grain alcohol.

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